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Birth of Bopcat

Bopcat Records was founded in 2023 by a collective of two jazz musicians based in Helsinki, Finland. The duo of Häkkinen & Talvi wanted to create a record label by musicians for musicians to delight the music lovers with the kind of music they themselves would like to hear.

Aarni Häkkinen

Häkkinen is a composer, conductor and a trombone player based in Helsinki, Finland. He is known for his work with big bands in all roles from an arranger to an artistic director and played on a Grammy-nominated big band album. His first album as a bandleader titled Aarni Häkkinen Jazz Orchestra is coming out in April 2023.

Tuomas Talvi

Talvi is a bass player and a composer based in Helsinki, Finland. He plays regularly in many different combos and groups and is one of the founding members of TRI Trio. Fond of many different musical genres, Talvi’s versatility reaches from groovy electric bass to burning uptempo walking with upright bass.